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Dressing up for work? Not-so-boring anymore!

Hi everyone, After a thoughtful pause, we’re back at this again: Creating and Exploring! Since we’ve all been taking small steps and coming healthy past the pandemic, getting back to work will be another one of its phases. Thus, this post is an ode to work outfits that excites us to get out of bed…

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Fall Fashion Swing

Changing seasons coin a change in trends too. With this being said, F/W 2019 led way to some interesting trends, some of which are Leather, Neon, Fur, Trench Coats, Knots. Leather + Neon: I’m glad for holding on to some summer neon in my closet. It’s a great piece to mix with bold dark colors…

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First light and I have miles to go, its no disparate than every day. I see my dog, amicable and how I wish I could lay down and unbend, put to rest the body, but time is compact, minute and exhausting. There are no doors between myself and, the work. However, enough between myself and…

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Diu Unexplored – Outfit Guide

Back again, I’m here with the second part of my Diu blog. Yes, as promised, this time with clothing ideas and suggestions. Where so ever we may travel, the things that affect our decisions on travel attires are the weather and the occasion we have to wear it to. For a place near beach, we’d…

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Street Spree

The number of posts for street style are far more to give them a count. That is because it’s a go-to for most outings and meet-ups, giving you numerous different looks and ways of gearing up things in your wardrobe. It speaks loud and clear for everyone’s personality, thus its acceptance. The post here will…

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Of Lights and Traditions- The Festival of Diwali

The biggest of Hinduism, the festival of culture, cuisines and lights is here! And I’m full of zeal and excitement, ready for it! Indians always seem to celebrate Diwali with an oomph! From cleaning, shopping, decorating, cooking to worshiping, we have seen it all. I, on a personal level, am very fond of pretty lights…

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Always looking up to the fashion world and travel literature, I’ve had the earnest desires to live the life I dream of. Being a Fashion Communication student has been all the more inspiring and given me a direction towards my dreams. I, thus, write my experiences and share my comprehensions with people.